Invent the new worst/most useless chess piece ever!


The Kong, it eats the eaten pieces that are out of the chess board. If you don't feed it ingame for more than 15 min it will start to bite your pawns that are on the board


The horn. There are 4 horns, 2 black and 2 white. They start in the middle 4 squares. They cannot move, and the only piece that can capture it is the king


The Bomb.

There are 1 bomb on each side. They start on a6 for black and h3 for white. They can only once and when they move side who moves it has to take off his / her queen. When a piece captures it , the side that captured it loses. If a pawn captures it , the side that captures it has to lower his / her time to 1 min. If the time control is 1 min , then the side that captured the bomb will lower his / her time control to 10 sec.