Inviting members to group through notes


I know that inviting people to groups though messages are against rules.

I see many people putting personal notes in other's home pages asking to join Groups?

Is this considered as spam & against rules?


I have no clue, since I'm a total noob.


#2 - DO NOT SEND INVITES (for Tournaments or Groups/Teams) through these messages.


But i never seen any rules for notes. Thats the doubt i have


If it's not against the rules, it should be, I think. I don't want a lot of random stuff cluttering up my page. I never really got the notes thing, anyway. Isn't it easier to just message someone?


it would be better if the rules were consistent; meaning that all forms of communication preclude invites and spam. obviously, since there's an invite tool, it should be the only permissable method.

not being draconian, but just for the point of simplification and consistency.

HotFlow wrote:

"I never really got the notes thing, anyway. Isn't it easier to just message someone?"

They are a bit different messages are private, notes are not. 

Yeah, I know. But that's sort of my point. Random people can add all sorts of junk to my page, and it stays there for all to see until I am online and decide whether or not to remove it.

Why would it be anybody else's business that 14 days ago my vote was urgently required in a vote chess game, or that somebody figured out that they live less than 10 km's from me? I can almost think of no instance where a private message wouldn't be better.

Group notes could be useful for quickly contacting all group members, I agree, but there is this new fashion of using it as a chatroom for 2 or 3 while the rest of the group have to endure constant alerts, forcing them to disable, and rendering the function useless.

well ........

I've only ever had it happen once, and it's the only note I've ever deleted.  That said, it's just as annoying as invites that come into my messages whether from the admin's invite tool or not.

With each invite I get I notice there's an option to turn of future invites from that user, but at that point it's really a little late as I don't generally get more than one invite from a particular user -- what I'd really like is the ability to turn off the ability to be sent group invites altogether no matter who sends them.

[Edit: OK, I first should look to see if a feature exists before requesting it.  This has been available all along.  Problem solved.]


What about through groups with similar interests? Is that the same thing? I'm confused.


They only want you to send a maximum of 30 invites a day. That's why they only want you to use the invite tool provided each group. Some people would send thousands.