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List of Leagues at Chess.com

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    Itsnoprob wrote:

    I know that a lot of the content here is somewhat dated. I would grateful for advice as to how to play for my international team in either/both of the World and European Leagues. Firstly, I guess, are both leagues running and meaningful? Would my first step be to apply to join the international team and then hopefully play some non-league international matches, joining in the World or European leagues when their schedules allow? Is there merit in these international games? What are people's views?

    Team England is playing in both the World and European Leagues.  You can join that group by clicking here.  New rounds start once every month or couple of months.  You will receive invitations to join once you are a member of Team England.  It gives you a chance to play against players from all over the world or Europe of roughly the same level to yourself.

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    I was looking this over, I found a lot of really good info, and appreciate all the work. However,  it is really confusing as it digressed from a listing of leagues/cups, to a status of matches on various leagues and I thought it might serve the various leagues and directors if we had a group that solely listed the leagues and nothing else. is there such a group? if not I think I will start one. Kind of like Daws VC ELO group , just referance  nothing more.


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    The Vote Chess Forum is a group with open membership that deals with all aspects of vote chess.  In the group forum, there is a thread with a list of vote chess tournaments past and present.  I do not know of a similar group for team match tournaments.

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    Nice work Billium, I have also put together a group to list all the leagues and cups into one place, if you want to list your league on it here is link


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    Is there any C960 league for teams?

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    Question do we have any C960 players interested and enough to play. That sounds like one big problem to run a league like that here. If the C960 starting position was the same throughout the season of the league it would be good but it will so there will always saying it was not fair.

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    The World League runs a huge chess960 tournament with 5 divisions for national teams.

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    I'm looking for C960 league for teams other than national teams. Is there any?

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    Not that I know of.  kokino was talking about something like that a while ago, but he is no longer on the site.

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    Jaller has one here that I am trying to talk him to starting up again-



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