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Live chess game abandoned

  • #1

    I have a proposal to discourage game abandoning and learn to resign without loosing time to your opponent (not to mention sportsmanship and fair policy) when a live chess game on chess com is abandoned the winner get a double prize.(taken from the looser of course) What do you think staff?

  • #2

    If you get more rating this way, your rating would not reflect your actual play if many of your opponents abandon.

  • #3

    Everyone will get the rating this way not only me. Anyway you don't expect to became n1 here just because of this I hope. If you loose fighting a strong opponent you will loose points as usual, it's just a little deterrent because anyone has experience this and hopefully maybe in time people will learn and this bad habit will  decrease. Nobody like to loose points this way I guess isn' t it? So the message is just click that little resign button man...it's not that difficult (if that's the case) you will save points and opponent time and eventually you also learn something about sport and sportmanship on internet (at least). Not that bad I guess

  • #4

    I still don't really like it. As far as I know there is already a penalty if you abandon many games (your account gets restricted somehow), I guess this is enough.


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