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    On Batgirl's personal home page  http://sbchess.sinfree.net/archives.html she talks about the bi-polar aspects of chess and chess players.  She has observed that while some of us may be a little reserved (I'm euphemising) others are equally outgoing.  

    It reminded me of this verse (author unknown) I found some years ago.  It's called Manic Depressive:

                                SOMETIMES I'M HAPPY
                                sometimes i'm sad
                                SoMeTiMeS i'M HsAaPdPY.

    So what's all this got to do with chess.com?  Just this!  Anytime I log on and my monitor smirks at me and says, "You have no friends on line", I feel depressed.

    At least, I'm spared the ultimate put down that would come from, "You have no on line friends!"

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    my goodness... what an awful article!

    I apologize.

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    batgirl wrote:

    my goodness... what an awful article!

    I apologize.

     Perish the thought.  It's good stuff.


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