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New: 4 Player Chess on Chess.com!? (Prototype)

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     Hooray for Macer!

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    robert8867 wrote:


    Speaking of double checks --- when the extra points for a double check are awarded?

     a) When I make a move that gives check to two different kings at the same time, is that a double check giving me extra points? :-)

    b) When I make a move that give check to a king that is already in check by another piece, is that a double check giving me extra points?

    c) When I make a move that gives check with two of my own pieces, to one single king of an opponent, is that a double check that gives me extra points?

    Or all three of them maybe, or just two of these cases or just a single one ?

    @robert8867 Double check happens in scenario A

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    Many Thanks John

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    Thank you very much and I really appreciate the effort, but I play chess to escape from madness, not to embrace it.

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    This is fun!  I got 2nd the first try, and then I had an opponent who defeated the other two people (one resigned, and the other flagged).  However, he had traded off so many pieces that he couldn't stop my attack.

    • nullI don't generally like chess variants, but this is fun! 
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    4 player chess is not original for chess.com. Though, perhaps these specific rules are.

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    Definitely my new favorite variant (even though I'm bad at it lol), any plans for 2v2?


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    Yes, there are certainly plans for 2v2. Though those might wait until some improvements we are making to Bughouse, which is where our 2v2 focus is right now. For now, we're trying to figure out how best to NOT get players to play together in 4PC.  

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    now there are ratings


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