Not everyone wants to learn!


I assume all members just got a '2019 Report and 2020 Recommendations' e-mail.   It's kind of interesting to see stats for last year, but the 2020 recommendations part is a bit dumb and pretentious!

Aim for 3 to 4 more games per day (win or lose)

You averaged 2.282 games/day last year.

Those that improved the fastest tend to play as many as 10 games/day.

Solve 8 puzzles/day most days of the week

You averaged 1.14 puzzle per day last year.

Players that doubled their puzzle rating did about 40 puzzles/week.

Surely if has all these statistics it can work out from my 9 years of playing on the site that I mostly just play a 10-minute Blitz game a day, a few Daily games going on and an occasional session of a few 3 minute games or Crazyhouse games and a few attempts at puzzle rush.

Now, you're recommending that after almost a decade of just enjoying my daily lunch time game and slow daily games of chess that I should suddenly double or almost treble my daily games because that's how you improve fastest?!  You don't say!

Funnily enough I have a job so just sitting playing chess and puzzles half the day isn't really on my agenda.

So, ya know, if it's fine with you, I'll just carry on enjoying my games rather than obsessing over 'learning' always!  I've reached my level, I reached it ages ago.  I'm at one with it!  Leave me alone tongue.png


Just don't read that email then? Or unsubscribe? Or request a separate email for you on how not to improve?

Lol 😂

Since a lot of people on a chess site are Johnny-one-note obsessives who only care about playing, I'm afraid that's the sort of thing you're likely to get.


If you don't wanna aim for 3 games a day, at least try and up your average to about 2.637. happy.png


I read this "yearly report" and kind of thought it was a bit comical and so I took it with a grain of salt. One funny thing was how my "highest rating" was displayed and I was like: "What? When?" and that is when I realized that the "report" doesn't distinguish "regular chess" from chess variants.

Long live the “ Patzers “.........remember without them , there wouldn’t be a

I didn't get a report. How much does it cost?

astronomer111 wrote:

I didn't get a report. How much does it cost?

It is free, but it was sent to your e-mail I think.

I could do with some encouragement ! ..... how do I acquire one of these reports ! 🤷‍♂️

Obviously I took the report with more than a 'pinch of salt' too, but I like a good sarcastic rant from time to time, especially when we get learn, learn, learn rammed down our throats at every opportunity on the site!

It's amazing to think that by playing more games or giving up your job to spend all day doing tactics one is more likely to improve.  Who would ever have thought of such a thing?!


I never met a person who was serious about chess or improving in chess that couldn't reach master level,  either in a federation and literally becoming a master or being rated similarly on an online website like  If you're not hitting 2200 + but you say you care about chess well then that's not a good look!

Give up your job ! ......and improve your chess !

I'd kindof like to get an email like that, is there a newsletter or signup forum I need to belong to? seems to have my email on file. 


I'm not a member of anywhere special apart from a paying member, but I don't think that is part of the paid membership, esp. not if KeSetoKaiba got one too as he appears to be a regular member.  I also have all my e-mail preferences switched off so not sure what it is linked to if you didn't get one.