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"maxed out" on Computer Analysis

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    How can I be "maxed out" on Computer Analysis if I have "unlimited" use of it?  OK, I realize there is only so much software that can be dedicated to a member's computer-analyzed games, but I don't even see what the limit of my "unlimited" use is.  100 games?  50 games at once?  I don't know.  Please help?

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    perhaps chess.com has some kind of "fair use" policy, so "unlimited" is actually limited.

    I'm tracking this to see if you'll get your answer. Cool

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    echecs06 wrote:

    Good question, mine is simpler:how do I get one of my game  analysed? I cannot see anywhere on my screen where I can do that. I am talking about the one which is free per week. Thanks.

    Go to any completed game of yours, 

    and click on the link that says Computer Analysis.

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    It's 100 games.

    When I signed up for diamond, I too recall seeing that I had "unlimited computer analysis", but looking through an FAQ, I saw that it's 100 games for diamond.


    here's the link:


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    well, this link (advertisement) says unlimited:


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    Looks like the membership page needs to be updated, if the KB article is correct.

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    100 games per week.  OK, I accept that, and I still think it's worth the diamond membership price.  But yeah, the ads should be changed, because right now it's just false advertising to say "unlimited access to all features," etc.

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    Are Chess.Com in breach of contract?

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    gazzabr wrote:

    Are Chess.Com in breach of contract?

    Yes they are, but the remedy is unclear.

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    Is a "Breach of Contract" breaking the law. I know in New Zealand it is.

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    gazzabr wrote:

    Is a "Breach of Contract" breaking the law. I know in New Zealand it is.

    No, it is a civil matter between the  parties to the contract


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