Reporting opponents for abandoning


I think we're mostly talking about people who abandon/quit/stall a game right after you've just made a winning move against them. Those are the ones I report, because at some point I'd like to think I might be able to filter and not have to play them.

Bogopawn657 can clearly see the amount of games that get abandoned and obviously consider it not worth following up!? Just yesterday I had my first three created games abandoned after my opponents had only made two moves?!

The main thing I do is always block them. Not a Passover, but it does seem to limit the numbers over time.

Yeah people can just have bad connection, it's happened to me. If I play a 10 min game for example, and I get into a better position and my opponent "stalls" for 7 mins, I might be annoyed. But imo they have the right to use their clock in any way they like, as that's what I signed up for by clicking play 10 min. However I am lucky that I rarely face this behaviour with opponents above 2000 elo