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Should a chess player become a chess gambler as well?

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    Even in 21st century, there are very few opportunities for a chess player to earn good amount of money by playing chess as a professional. However, there are many opportunities to gamble by playing chess. Several casinos, websites, clubs, and clandestine agents make such offerings as to play for bets and earn money. In such a state of affair, I wish to know that whether a chess player should gamble or not. 

    Should a chess player become a chess gambler as well?

    Please reply in either YES or NO. If you have enough time, please give reasons for your answers too.

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    My own opinion no,

    Iv seen gambling ruin people, what i earn i like to keep

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    I like the odd bet like horse racing, boxing , dogs etc but i think chess is stressfull enough without putting money on it aswell. Maybe chess boxing would be better for betting.

    In answer to the question should chess players become a chess gambler aswell.               if it makes them play better than why not!

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    Unless your an excellent player and know where to find chess playing suckers who happen to gamble. Otherwise, it's probably not worth it.

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    would you want to play a player of master + strength for a bet? Certainly i would think it is throwing away money. If i did it would only to play the master which would otherwise not want to play me. There are chessparks where people do play for money but this is usually for swindling. 

    A friend of mine who was an FM (maybe better now) went to NYC and he played against these people for money. Naturally he beat them several times and they refused to play him anymore because they didnt want to lose their money. if they thought it was a bad idea to play with him (cos he was better than them) why should you play with them unless you are better than them?

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    Yeh they do, How do you think van gogh lost his ear!

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    I dont see much of a difference in gambling a little bit of money per game vs entering a tournament and winning the prize. If you can afford to lose the money, then go for it.

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    Play chess for fun - if you want to gamble then your best bet is insider dealing in Wall Street or the London stock exchange. How I wish I was in on that one!

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    so betting on a game takes the fun away?

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    Yes. Chess gambling is good fun. I both like to gamble (poker and more) and play chess. Plus the chess hustle in the park is a central part of the experience. 

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    @ hovarth - in New York? Ive always wanted to go there and try that, Ive heard its a lot of fun. Do you know of any other cities that have something like that?

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    I played a guy in Time Square once he was real good but played it off sloppy. So he reeled in tourist. But there are lots of places to play park games. Most cities have chess board tables in parks if you set up some one is bound to challege you. Also in Seattle there is a big chess boad in a square downtown, I've seen some lively games there.

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    Actually I think he'd probably fall prey to hypothermia and lose on time.

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    No gambling is an evil.Money always causes problem.Don't bring money into this beautiful game.

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