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Some members not present on interactive map

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    For those of you who don't know; The interactive map is a feature that can be accessed by premium members that allows you to see the location of chess.com members.

    I have a few questions about it; some players that I've searched simply don't appear on the map, is there a way to block your location with google or something? Can people trick it somehow into showing the wrong location for them or no location at all? Could it be buggy or something? (Don't laugh at me I'm not IT educated :-) )

    I know one person who says he lives somewhere and I completely believe him but the map shows his location as 1000 km away from his home.

    I'm curious about how it works - it says it's powered by google so does chess.com have a deal with google to have the map available here?

    Anyone know about this stuff? thanks.

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    sorry i have no idea 

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    That's o.k some techie will know or maybe a staff member :-) . Maybe I shoulda posted it in the help and support forum Undecided

    Occasionally I've spotted members who seem to be cheating  and the interactive map can be a useful tool to check whether someone suspicious has dupe accounts. When they don't show up on the map at all I'm not sure what to think.


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