Suggestion: Allow diagrams that show variations

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    Well you can access the variations and sub-variations through the move list. I'm not sure I really know what feature you want added.

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    yea that would be pretty cool

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    ma chi ti ha chiesto qualcosa??!

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    You just have to click the variation in the move list and you will be whisked away into it!

    EDIT: Oops, just noticed this thread was dug up from 5 years ago. Oh well.

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    DavidForthoffer wrote:

    I know the Game Wizard allows one to enter variations and sub-variations. I know Game Wizard allows one to paste in PGN that has variations and sub-variations.

    But I do not know how to replay such varations and sub-variations from the inserted diagram.

    I would like that feature. It would let people post well-annotated games.


    In fact has this feature.

    See the diagram below.

    You can COPY all the PGN of the game below clicking in the SECOND BUTTON below, from the letf to right.

    Then you can create another post and PASTE the PGN. You will be able to add more comments and moves.

    Why don't you try with this game? I want to see your analysis.

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