Thank you Chess.Com team!


You folks have really made a difference in my life this past year!


Thank you!


your welcome


How and why?

Did they give you money?

Did they buy you a house?

Did they buy you a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich with a hash brown @ Tim Hortons?




My responses to your questions:


- How and why?


When I began my journey with, I was a 44-year-old man with a mind-numbing job and a very limited sense of purpose. Today, I am a 45-year-old man with a tremendous vocation: serve and protect the monarchy. You Americans may have difficulty understanding the duties one has to King and Queen (prior to Chess.Com I regularly took them for granted myself), but we here in Canada are sworn, by birth, to the Sovereign.

- Did they give you money?


No. As a matter of fact, they took my money; $99 USD, to be precise. This translates to $127.10 CDN. Regardless, this is a small price to pay for the sense of purpose described above. I see where you have not contributed to the cause, so you might not understand.

- Did they buy you a house?


No, but they have taught me to build castles. I have built multiple castles each day over the year. Can Chess.Com help eliminate homelessness? Perhaps not. But a well-protected and benevolent monarch most certainly could.

- Did they buy you a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich with a hash brown @ Tim Hortons?


Most certainly not. I am about to say the two least Canadian things possible: I hate hockey; and I don't enjoy Tim Hortons.


Thank you for your interest, and, again, I highly suggest that you support Chess.Com financially; if for no other reason than to find a renewed sense of purpose.





Wicked awesome post, eh?  And for all you naysayers; take off hosers...


I agree OP. Very thankful for this site. A great opportunity to play a great game, learn and interact with people from all over the world. 


Great response @obligingstranger

But come on, you HATE Tim Hortons???? 

Turn in your Canada card RIGHT NOW! (We can let you slide on the hockey as long as you like Curling, but Timmy's??? No way!)


(Oh, I did support at the Diamond level for years. Some of their policies and the lies they present, made me drop them like a hot rock. Perhaps if they change back to the way they used to be - not talking about version 3 vs version 2, other things though - I may again pay but for now, no way.)