The community on is getting unmanageable.


As usual I was playing a game and I came across an Englishman with this nickname, remember (if something can be done against these players) [public accusations not allowed-- VP]. I am French then and this one begins to insult me ​​and by treating the French of child, coward, weak of all names he was also referring to the historic war of France. I told him that was getting toxic because of people like him and suddenly I was logged out he won it in 1 min of play by withdrawal. I texted him after his cowardly insults but in the story, I wanted to teach him that insulting for no reason rots and that the coward was the one who refused revenge for his stolen victory. But unfortunately after these insults and his stolen victory he blocked me. Please make better and ban this kind of behavior this site is the most toxic of chess, slurs, taunts, stolen victory by logout and then blocks me calling me a coward ?! I'll switch to [another site -- VP] , people will be better there. Have a few things done please, improve the gaming experience for people his nickname: [removed -- VP] a British (sorry for the English mistakes)


The servers can be wonky sometimes though. It happens quite regularly that the connections is suddenly lost.