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The diference between USCF and FIDE rating

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    Can someone make the clear comparison between these two. Since there are many US players here with there national rating ,and no fide one.What is the difference between 2000 fide and uscf?  In my country (and in all ex YU) we follow FIDE,and players are also divided in following categories: IV cat. 1700-1800 III cat. 1800-1900 II cat. 1900-2000 I cat. 2000-2250.    With 2250 you became CM and so on.

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    O.K. And there is one big diference in my national and fides starting rating. When one joins my nat.list he starts with 1600 Ello points and vk cat. which stands for Van Kategorije-Out of Category. In the same time your first fide rating is your perfomance in 9 rounds( or after 9 games) So after first 9 rated games mine was 1680 nat. and 1840 fide. Funny.


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