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Timeouts: a problem

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    I have had many issues recently regarding chess players timing out in far too many games. Is there a limit to the amount of timeouts someone can have before the person is banned for not completing any of their games? I do not want to bring up any specific person as this but I have seen people who have played over 100 games who still have a 30%+ timeout ratio. This messes up tournaments and messes up group team matches as these people just join games and lose them on time.

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    I run a group and we've had that problem in ours. The best thing I know to do is to make rules against timing out, ban/delete people who do it, and don't recruit people who time out a lot in the first place. Gradually, we've gotten better results as we've started weeding out the quitters. 

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    I personally believe that if someone has say, 50 percent time out ratio or more or something similar (maybe I am being a little too leniant), they should not be allowed to join groups until they have a lower percent.


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