Timeouts and time per move.



    Lately, I've had a lot of things lately, and I have been making moves later. Now my time per move is over 5 hours, and I cant compete in some tourneys. I still have not had 1 timeout yet though. I am afraid about making my time over 12 hours per move, and not able to compete in most tourneys, such as the Quick Knockout tornaments. Why dont you make it so time per move only matters if you had have a timeout?

I must agree. I too have never had a timeout and feel the present system is unfair. Should be based on percentage of timeouts.
I see you are participating in a quick knockout tournament for your rating range.  The other tournaments you tried to get in to, did you meet the rating requirements for those as well?
i meet most of them, but some tourneys i didnt.

It depends on the tournament director (TD) and what setting they choose. The default is 10 hours which is claimed as average. Some TD's choose to lower this however if they want to get players who generally move faster. I know when i create a tourney i tend to put 5 hours as the minimum or even 4 hours. So it really depends on the TD and what speed of tourney is wanted. Which is good that it can be catered to all speeds of players.

Timeouts and average time per move are very differnt so im glad there is a setting for both elements. If a quick move tourney is wanted then having one or two players who actually literally move once a day, as opposed to 4 or 5 moves a day by faster players, can make the tourney take maybe a month instead of 2 weeks, as an example. Not a problem for everyone, but as i said, the setting allows tournies to be catered for everyone and all speeds of play.

You certainly have the ability to setup your own tournies with longer average move times.  I must say that is one of the benefits of membership, as i see ye are firestare, as with that comes the ability to create more tournies which is always fun. Cheers and all the best.

 Can any staff members think about this?