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to you, which is better between golf and chess?

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    AlCzervik wrote:
    nameno1had wrote:

    Golf is hitting a little ball into a little hole kinda far away.


    You should have children playing there, you should have families having picnics, you should have a goddamn petting zoo! But instead you've got these stupid little electric carts for you old men with nothing better to do!

    It might not being appealing to you but, it is quite challenging. I am rather good at sports like basketball, tennis, football and other very physical sports. I am a terrible ball striker. Anything that is not only a physical but, also a mental challenge is interesting and relevant, even if you personally don't find it appealing. If it were grossly easy, we'd let toddlers do it and we wouldn't care.

    I was about to tell this guy what an idiot he is, but you've put it quite well, nemo.

    To your point about physical sport, anyone that knows golf will never say it's not physical. Just take a look at the top 20 or so players in the world.

    Having said that, there have been fat golfers that have made a living doing it. The same can be said for almost any sport.

    Offensive and defensive linemen in football are often big overweight guys, who are really strong and in some cases, surprisingly agile. The best hitter in baseball the last two years, Miguel Cabrara, gets made fun of on the radio show where I live because, the hosts think he could start lactating at any moment. Occasionally, even basketball players in the NBA, are just big fat dudes, but you can't judge a book by it's cover normally. I used to loathe the way Charles Barkley would just bowl people over in the lane to make baskets and grab rebounds, but his girth made him formidable.

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    Alex's pic looks like a take on an Escher print.

    Hard to believe radio hosts could be making fun of "Fat Mike" unless it's tongue in cheek, and everyone knows it.

    I always thought there would be some type of connection between chess players and golfers due to the mental preparation, and the fortitude it takes at high levels to remain focused.

    My time on this site tells me it isn't so.


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