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    Hey Everyone


    Ben and I are preparing for our next Pardon Our Blunders show! Please go to that forum and post a topic idea! If yours is picked it's worth either a premium membership trial OR a t-shirt!

    Go, go, go!


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    Glad to hear that Pardon Our Blunders is back! 

    Hope you and Ben do it on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 

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    More topics please?

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    some random Ps and Qs...

    if you told a desperate to improve 1800 chess player all your chess secrets, how strong a chess player would they become?  let's say time frame, 3 mo. they study 3-4 hours chess per day.

    if you had to give an aspiring young chess player 200 words of advice to improve their chess (and your salary depended on their improvement and the words not be coercive), what would they be? 

    what happened to chess improv?  i miss the free escapades into danny theory.  we want to see the secret sauce.  that's what she said.  i mean like the coolio plans of horsey jumps on move 10 with lots of spazzing arrows finished with white is slightly better, and this is a critical training position.

    when can we beat danny on chesstv?  it was so much more fun when the games were sicilians... Innocent

    will you be playing in the chess millionaire open? as tom bartell will not be playing i need to be sure there is one frazzled IM i can prey on.  will you be there anyway so we can confirm that you actually a real person and not a cleverly designed spambot?  Innocent

    on a completely unrelated note, if you are playing in a tournament two months from now, and feel completely unprepared... how would go about preparing to play players with big ELO ratings?

    how do you come to terms with games you have recently finished?  (go out to eat, or drink, if you are russian, cry in your hotel room, pet unicorns, analyze your games with your friends, abuse your friends by showing them your bad chess games, details... details...

    after your games, what do you do to revisit them analysis-wise?  describe your principled process (e.g. pgn chessbase them [main line and vars during their game, think happythoughts] and then engine check them to see if they are happy or sad,good or bad, is what i do).

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    btw if this and similar topics have been discussed already on the show or elsewhere let me know.

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    How far can a blind man get? Is there any chance to become a GM and how important is it really to see the board?

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    According to Réti, in Anderssen's 'fourth game' against Morphy in Europe he had decided to target a checkmate on h7 by the 7th move, although it took approximately until 24. Qh7+ for this to materialise fully after moves effortlessly directed towards it, how much was this kind of thing typical of Anderssen and how soon do you and/or others attempt to see potential checkmates and target them?

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    What is the sound of one hand clapping?!!?!


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