There is oblvious reasons why people "RESIGN" in a loosing chess position, they are beat !  A good chess player knows when all is lost.....resignation was the answer. 2.  People  enter tournaments and then do the following.....go on vacation or just don't move (letting the time clock run out). I am at lost to why chess players do seems to be an immature prank? I write for an audience, to ask why ?      Is chess becoming mundane ?Are the younger players rude because of their up bringing? People are going on vacation 7/8 times during a game. I'm an old man who the seen "fisher' and the "RUSSIANS at their best and now.... feels alone w/ his chess and memories.


Believe me, you're not "alone" if you get pissed off at players taking vacation is dead lost positions. But, the good news is you can play someone else, so you don't have to wait for them to come back!


don't see the point of it myself . the game is to be played and enjoyed whether win or loose . even in defeat i learn so no game is ever wasted .