Very early peek at LIVE chess on


Ok. Everyone on the site has been really patient with the PLAY part of ;) We know that is really important. So, I want to show a VERY VERY early sneak-peek at the Live Chess coming to It is in pre-pre-alpha phase, has VERY limited features, many bugs, and is nowhere near done, but it should at least give you some BASIC idea of what to expect in the future.


We will quickly be adding ratings, time controls, move list, yada yada and a whole bunch of other expected features. While it may look like we are a long way off, the foundation/groundwork is done, and that is the hard part, so everything should move a lot more quickly from here.... except that there is really only 1 person working it at this time, and he is going on a much-needed vacation for 2 weeks, so you won't see any improvements for a little while :) 


PLEASE DO NOT POST BUGS! We know about the bugs :) What we WOULD like to hear are feature requests!


Again, it is very simple, very buggy, but have fun with it!


Click here for a sneak-peek at Live Chess on! 




Currently stuck at the "Now logging. Please wait..."  screen.  Can't wait to see this in action since the rest of the site is so great Laughing


 Though I've not seen it in action, some things I'd like to see are:


  •  Auto annotation
  • Both "tournament" (no take backs, no hints, etc) and "practice" (take back requests, etc) games
  • Visitor/Observer options
  • Chat between players and an option to enable chat with observers
  • Multiple timing options
  • Position set-up (for playing certain game set-up scenarios)
  • Some type of save option for games to pick up and go later



That's all I can think of off the top of my head.  I'll update the post once I see it in action/if I have any more ideas.


yay i cant wait for it to b up and running

This is not reporting a bug... I was able to get into Main Hall. I invited 2 people to play me... nobody came or responded. Are we able to play or talk to each other yet?

What I would like to see? May be the option to limit the invitations by rating (range). Something different from "beginner", "intermediate", "advanced". 

In addition, the ability to talk with each other - more like IM-ing. 

Is it possible to start a game? Like chessiq, I tried to invite a few people but no one responded. I understand it's a pre-Alpha, but I just wanted to know if it is possible to play at all yet.
yeah, you can play - just click on a name to invite. some people may be logged in but not available.
Oh, awesome, I thought by 'pre-pre-alpha' you meant we were really only getting to see the interface. I'll try to get someone to play :)

Still stuck at the "Now logging. Please wait..." screen Frown

Are there certain browser requirements that I might not have?

I used Mozilla Firefox 2.0 on Windows XP and I was able to 'log in'.

Hrmm, I've tried it in IE 6.0 and Firefox 2.0 now with no luck.  May be a limit to the maximum number of connections to the server at once. 


I'm also a really new user, so that may be the issue Laughing I'll just wait patiently and spam connect Innocent

I just finished a game with MattHelfst and it seemed to play fine, since it's still barely alpha there's not really any features yet except making moves and chat but what's there worked!

Hurrah! I'm in (using Firefox 2.0)!


I really like how it looks so far.  It's nit-picky, but as a user feature, I wouldn't mind being able to customize the colours.  (nothing against the green, I just like options Tongue out).


Having all of the windows auto-fit to your browser based off of your screen resolution would be nice as well.


Including someone's rank next to their name would be nice (as would a ranking system now that I think about it), as well as an icon to show whether they're currently in a game or not (maybe like a status option: "Looking to Play," "Away from Keyboard," "Looking for Teacher," "Looking for Casual Game", "Looking for Tournament Game", etc., etc.)


Response timers would be nice as well (if someone's not replied to your game invite within 60 seconds, cancel the invite and notify the requestor of cancellation) 


A time/date stamp would be nice for the chat windows as well (as well as the option of keeping a chat log along with any saved games) 


Can't wait to see this progress more and more.  I'm liking it Laughing

thanks all! yes, it is really just a sneak-peek - like a movie trailer ;) but i hope to see a few of you in there!

Great game erik Tongue out Was trying to coax you into a stalemate before we called it quits.  Ahh well.  I need to brush up on playing black some.  I'm looking for a rematch so watch out Laughing


More requests (stuff that'll obviously be added, but nice to have listed somewhere):


A "Resign" button.


When inviting someone to a game, add a "request side" button for the inviter ("John Doe invites you to a game. They request that you play Black") and of course seating options once you're in the game.


For those of you who haven't given the system a try yet, check it out.  It's great (fast as heck response times, no lag, instantaneous moves, in game chat, etc, etc). Great stuff!


Seriously though erik. Rematch Cry

Just played my first game with ... who? erik it was a fun game. I think it will be pretty cool when we remove one of the pre-pre's (that way we can have just one pre-beta). Hey, another quick suggestion on stuff we would like to see... HOW ABOUT THE ABILITY TO WATCH OTHER PEOPLE'S GAMES?

yes, there will be:

- the ability to resign :)

- you will observe other people's games

- ratings

- time controls

- less obnoxious alerts


I love the interface, Erik!  Keep up the great work!
Alright, I finally got to play erik :) The game was very responsive (no lag), and as far as I can tell everything worked fine. The main question I have is: why are my icons not in there yet? How on earth could that not have been your priority? Tongue out
Hmm.  Not working for me with Firefox 2.0 at all.  I just get the header bar with 'HELP' and 'LOGOUT' in the top left and the logo on the right.  Are there any settings that I might have that are blocking it?  I've allowed popups for in the Firefox options, but no luck yet. I got in ok with Internet Explorer, but I definitely don't want to use that in the long term. Yell
i got to the main hall & blitz house but never saw a chessboard. i'm using verizon yahoo browser.