videos on this website are no longer instructional


When I signed up for a diamond membership, had some 15 or so video authors producing a new instructional video-lesson every few days.  Now it has shifted purely to commentary on chess events, which unfortunately is not as helpful for learning how to play.


Can anyone tell me if this is the new normal for  What happened to all the chess video authors?  


We are working on more instructional content, but have admittedly been busy with the Pro Chess League recently. Thank you for the feedback!


Respectfully Alex, I don't feel that's a satisfactory, even accurate, answer. 

  • Strategy - latest video Oct. 2, 2017
  • Tactics - Aug. 2, 2017
  • Openings - June 19, 2017
  • Endgames - June 30, 2017 (with one exception)
  • Amazing Games - from my understanding free or YouTube; If not only 4 in 2018
  • Broadcast Archives - free or YouTube

Unless I'm missing something in the search (beyond Rules & Basic, which is entirely possible may be, this is an extremely low yield for essentially the feature you pay for to be a Diamond Member. Granted I haven't watched all the older videos on the site, but I quickly became bored with the quality after watching the plethora of excellent FREE videos on YouTube. I concede I am not the best example of fully taking advantage of the site. But the main reason I chose to purchase a Diamond Membership was for the videos. I find my self using overall less just because there are so many other quality sites, which happen to be free, that I've gravitated towards. 


I for one would not ever consider renewing a Diamond Membership because of this. I probably will always support the site with some form of paid membership because I do think it is an excellent all-in-one platform and feel it is good for the game of Chess overall. 


If you can't make videos, please consider adding more benefits for Diamond or eliminate it so as not to tarnish your well built reputation. Maybe you can enter into partnerships with other sites or chess book publishers, by offering discounts codes, etc.


I'm kind of bummed out really, because I enjoyed following the authors you did have.  I find myself wondering what went on behind the scene that all these authors have left and gone elsewhere...   I understand some authors move on and there will always be turnover.  Has an effort been made to find new authors?  Please understand that watching commentary is not the same thing as getting a series of lessons on a topic.



also, where did the chess center videos go?

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. :(

Honestly, unless you're on the site 24/7, you don't need much more than a gold membership. If you do the 25 tactics & 5 lessons consistently, that's all you're going to need to get better IMO. And with youtube already having so many lessons on it, I don't see the purpose of spending the extra $50 compared to a platinum membership. Gold membership looks to be the move, at least to me.


 Staff Response: 


Time for freaky fresh videos.