We Can Reduce The Amount Of Trolls With The IRBR Method Join Me


If the rest of us follow this method we can drastically reduce the number of trolls.  

Ignore them when they are stupid. Report them when they are vulgar. Block them when they are boring. Repeat. 

P.S. feel free to block them when they are stupid as well.


Sounds good!


do you want to destroy chess.com?

...... you’ve gotta find a way , of getting Kaynight back in his
stable first , and that ain’t no easy task bruv .

See I've found a bunch of people to block from this thread alone! happy.png


The number of trolls far exeeds the max number allowed on the blocklist, unfortunately.

Graf_Nachthafen wrote:

The number of trolls far exeeds the max number allowed on the blocklist, unfortunately.



it's been tried and doesn't work in practice. the chessdotcom trolls are the people who have been banned from all the professional chess websites, so as you can imagine their numbers just keep increasing, something chessdotcom is quite proud of.

Years ago under an old account i was curious as to how many people you could block, so i conducted an experiment.  I blocked anyone that met the following criteria:

1. Did not respond to/offer "gg", "good game"

2. Did not respond to/offer "gl", "good luck"

3. Did not offer/accept to review the game.

4. Did not accept/offer a rematch.

5. Used foul language.

6. Was rude/stalled/abandoned a game.

7. Repeatedly offered a draw.

What i found out.  It took 6 days to block the maximum of 200 people.

*Posted for general information purposes*


We need trolls to keep the community alive


That sounds like the A.R.B. system to beat chess engines. I.R.B.R.'s effectiveness is most likely similar, if not lower...

Watch the computer slayer and admire his greatness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDnJJYqCtHw