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What is your favorite group/team on chess.com and why?

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    So that's my question. What's your favorite group/team.

    We will find out which team will be the most liked

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    Team penguin,and team SDP

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    The Glory of Chess

     A great group that is quickly growing to be force in the VC community. Granted, right now, we are only 400 and rated 103, the atmosphere that exists there, it will be only a matter of time before we are recoginized.

    Plus, they have a sense of humor

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    I like The Strong Chess World, TPOC, and Order of Sith Empire. They are all great for vc and matches

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    NM aww-rats free lessons. He has the BEST team matches.

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    We Like Pizza is growing stronger.

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    What is We Like Pizza?

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    A group that likes pizza

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    Well duh.

    I wish more people would join my group the strong chess world

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    Is it a strong group?

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    Average rating over 1700, minum rating is 1500

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    What is your rating in TMs and VC?

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    Stats of The Unsound Openers:

    Current TM status:

    BUT we only actively look for 1800+ rated members. We occasionally accept members rated between 1500 and 1800 as well, but only if they meet certain requirements. 

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    Is it a relativly new group (made in the last year or 2) or has it been here for a while (3 and up)?

    If it was made in the last year or 2, your ratings are good

    If it was made 3 or more years ago, then your rating is sorry

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    No those are excellent statistics

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    Again it depends on how old the group is


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