What will you do if you see your friend like this?


unlike u i don't accept their friend request when they send it.


U seem to accept all of them.


   His explanations are such a load of crap. He's being very selective about the morality of which rules he will follow. I know they don't do it as a matter of policy but the site should check all his private messages. Was this attack done on the other chess site that he belongs to as well.? Of course not, but it probably originated there.   He says......"It is their account, their own rules"......   and drmrboss is an enabler.  post 150 & 151 in Al Czervik's thread....https://www.chess.com/forum/view/community/erik-we-are-frustrated?page=8#last_comment


In post 219 he says....."You guys don't know your rights. You guys don't know your limits".    Staff noticed your accumulation of friends 6 months ago.  I'm pretty sure you maxed out your limit after Sat nights' fiasco. You also said in post 219....."You will be surprised, I never reported any member who directly attacked to me.( 11 years of membership).......  So...11 yrs of pent up anger led to Sat night?  If you don't like the site....LEAVEangry.png  Don't try to be a Dr....your not very good at it.  As a member I don't care but at the very least you owe batgirl & Vintage Pawn a massive apology. They disabled dozens' of accounts. They could have been enjoying the forums but they had to clean up your mess.

I would be like oh yeah

post 152.....https://www.chess.com/forum/view/community/erik-we-are-frustrated?page=8#last_comment