What would you like to ask Magnus Carlsen?

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    Magnus, do you think other parts of your life have suffered since being chess world champion requires almost every waking minute of your life?

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    PeterDoggers wrote:

    Good  news: On Tuesday, November 26th Chess.com's Director of Content Peter Doggers will do an exclusive interview with Magnus Carlsen, the new World Champion! But here's the deal: we'll let the Chess.com members ask the questions!

    Please write your question below and Peter will make a selection of the best 10-15 questions to be asked to Magnus, and these will be included in the interview!

    Maybe Magnus will have time to answer some of these at an Olympiad interview, Peter!!! Cool

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    Maybe at the pre-WC press conference?

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    I have a new question for Magnus:

    "Are you ever going to answer the chess.com interview questions from last year's WC match?"

    We can recycle this question next year, too ;)...

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    "What is your favorite food?"

    "Do you think global warming is a fake?"

    "Do you believe in the theory of evolution?"

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    "Do you still go to raves?"

    "Do you think Christ saves?"

    "Do you spend your days in a purple haze?"

    "Do you sit and contemplate what a grape nut is?"

    "Could you live drinking your own wiz?"

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    wanna smoke this dank kush nigga?

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