Where is the Cool Hidden Stuff on Chess.com?


True, you had to have been there (starting to sound like Woodstock or a really glorified memory).




I feel proud for my contributions in this thread.


trysts wrote:
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Lol yeah I forgot about that.

Here is another classic.


Manavendra was the first time Chess.com contacted alien life. Pretty historical moment, but far too many comment deletions from ET to feel the impact.

I hadn't seen that one before, so I checked it, and now I can't stop laughing. I'm definitely gonna track this thread to see what other good stuff I've missed.


Bringing the pumpkin people back to life may have serious consequences. 



Trysts discovered the greatest thread.


 Very amusing links in this threadLaughing


This is a group started by Windowsenthusiast:

Ban test group

  • International
  • Formed: 4/28/11
  • To test whether banning the only super admin of the group is allowed.

Don't forget to check 5,000 Signs You Don't Know Enough About Chess.

And there was also this daily puzzle where the first guy who commented actually beat the Daily Puzzle to #1 (the first post in the thread was the guy's comment, the second was the Daily Puzzle). I can't find it though. Does anybody have the link?


Wow, talk about knowing your opponents move!

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ClavierCavalier wrote:

Daeth was either kicked off the site or left, so his contributions were also deleted.  It's a shame, I think, that banned players have their contributions removed.  Even good players cheat sometimes, and their advice to lower players gets removed.

Huh? Daeth was banned for cheating. Your third sentence is offensive to those that don't.

If all high level players are going to take as meaning all good players cheat, it's their problem.

trysts wrote:


They were an interesting duo. One of them wanted the staff to allow more blocks than the 200 you're allowed to do

I don't like Windowsenthusiast.



My nephew beat HOUDINI?!?!


I'm getting quite a bit of play out of this thread.  I've already gone through 30 pages of chess photos (love those, and will be returning for more), learned something about CPOTM (I'm guessing that ended?), and made a list of member profiles I probably ought to check out, as well as reading through some of the helpful links that have been posted.  The thread where a question about knights vs. bishops morphed into waffles vs. pancakes was pretty amusing!  

It's pretty obvious by now that the high volume of traffic here, the churn of people coming in and out, the youth of the player base and the simple fact that almost everyone here is a sub-standard chess player (by master standards) results in a very high rate of topic repetition here in the forums.  And those who stick around and contribute in the forums--who have weathered this barrage--are, at times, a pack of drooling wolves, looking for opportunities to pounce on unsuspecting transgressors of the "do not post that worn-out topic again" rule.  But instead of claws and teeth, they use pictures of pancakes and waffles.  

I can see how the whole thing might be irritating for some--even for me. But I think I might like it here.


Are you a writer, sir?


I am not a professional writer.  I'm a network engineer with a varied employment history, but I have used my writing skills professionally quite a bit.  My life story is long and not that interesting, as is the case with most people in their mid-40s.

I can write effectively.  I majored in English Composition.  Here, and in other casual arenas, I don't bother to edit much.  I just let the words fly.

I hope this answers your question.


I don't want to lose track of this one.



I almost forgot about these two threads . . .




lol you beat me to it by about 6 minutes hehe


Great minds think alike. Laughing


Doesn't qualify as cool. Undecided