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Who are your favorite chess.com players?

  • #41

    And Aletool plays an incredible accelerated dragon while he puts everything back to order in your house. Snow or no snow. Just don't look at his ears...for too long.

  • #42

    E is without doubt our best player. But you and Sunny are pretty wicked too.

  • #43

    And Morris, he is a great guy. I am always happy to come out alive of any game against him, but when you have him on your side, watching over the team, my God...

  • #44

    And Theo ! He plays a very crazy game. He plays serendipitously, which is by far the best way to play a game. He would make Anand feel discombobulated.

  • #45

    But another candidate could be Wolfie. You continuously ask yourself this one question. Is she playing against me or is she teaching me something? Is she trying to take my pieces or open my mind... ?? She is a strong candidate also.


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