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Why are those spammers so lame?

  • #141

    Yeah. Just like him!

    But maybe not fictional just checked:


    Okay. Is fictional but author was pilot too. W. E. Johns 

  • #142

    Wow - I had to read that in school!!!

  • #143

    Spiffing fine read it is Soorat.

  • #144

    Rather Ol' boy - I'd call it a smashing gay old undertaking - whato!

  • #145


    No women allowed in the RAF back then.

    They had to join the WRAF.

  • #146

    "WRAF" sounds like what you do on your first flight! Surprised

  • #147

    netzach wrote:

    We sent pd undercover as a 'sleeper' to infiltrate subversives.


    And he became one.


  • #148

    You people are all so boring... u need to get a life

    Tongue Out

    There is nohing original here at all ... so its tracking off for me :)

  • #149

    Damnit. I was about to be remarkable.

  • #150

    Oh well, off-track betting is probably better anyway.

  • #151
    goldendog wrote:

    Damnit. I was about to be remarkable.


  • #152

    They're all in the pub.

  • #153

    If they're buyin'...

  • #154

    Oh come on, there was the guy with all his phone numbers from Dubai, I would call and get a car wash in Whiskey Basin, Cali., or a laundromat in Tuscon, Ariz., or whatever. Good times.

  • #155

    There is a group called the Social Spammers?


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