why does my clock run faster than my opponents' ?

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i really thought most chess players are decent smart. reading all these comments are so childish answers. but the truth is the system has a kink in it. it tries to compensate for the countries with slower internet and ends up screwing the ones with faster internet by taking their time instead. 

Trust me as someone who's had good/bad wifi it doesn't compensate much.


LOL, the site plainly manipulates the clocks. I've played 'newbies' in the 100's and my clock spins so fast I can't believe it. In the next game, against a more experienced plyer, it is normal again. The internet connectivity is the same in both games. But no big deal, I just use the faster clock as an opportunity to improve. 


Must there be a black hole under your bedroom. That creates a time-space anomaly wich makes the time go slower. See the bright side: you'll live more years without getting old (as long as you stay near your bedroom).


Your opponent stopped drinking Johnny Walker.


Chess.com needs to address and fix this issue or it’s soon not worth playing here.  Even if I move every time instantly I’m loosing 15 seconds per move and there’s no way I used that’s much time.  Over the course of a game I’m loosing minutes and close matches on time even when ahead


You can see your opponents wifi speed and even if they have a slow connection to your fast connection the clock runs way faster for the better connections


Hear ye, members of this site. Tis true. There may be slight discrepancies with the clock.

I've spoken to the watch maker, and I was assured that the clocks do adjust themselves on account of any internet lag, but tis only by the negligible numbers.

Now hear me!

Tis possible, if one of the opponent's internet connection suddenly improves, that the adjustment may be thrown off balance and as a result grant extra time in some negligible way to either side. 


LOLOLOLOL this thread has to be a joke

I used to think like that for a minute but then I would bury that idea cause it is absolute nonesense

People tend to not realize they are losing time by thinking


your clearly not paying attention.  I can clearly see the clock skip 10-15 seconds