Beginners and Early Resignations


Ultimately if a beginner resigns a lost game they can start playing the next game more quickly and hopefully get more useful practice.
If you are looking for an opponent to practice against who will never resign you should consider using the many bots available on
Consider the feelings of the player on the other side of the board, they are here to have fun and maybe learn, at the beginner level it's even harder than usual to defend a position a queen down because you don't have the tactical vision to find tricks and patience to play solidly. I think everyone can agree that it's no fun at any level to try and hold a game an entire queen down.


I think it is fun. Some of my fondest games are where I blunder early and come back and win. The pressure is off and I can try to keep the game complicated and spot a tactic and/or make it easier for my opponent to blunder. .

It is almost certainly easier to play a queen down at the beginner level because your opponent is far more likely to allow you to equalize. 


Most chess software allows the user to specifically practice endings. You can probably do that on here.

Something like Chessmaster 10th edition can be bought for as cheap as a few pounds/dollars, and has some specific endgame drills to practice.

People are short changing themselves if they don't go into the end game. In a recent game where I got spanked, it's looking like a sparsely populated end game is way more complicated than a cluttered middle game.

I get that alot but it doesn't bother me much because I find it quite funny that they are usually people who bring their queen out early.