's Weekly Study: April 17th 2016



Starting with 2016, we will be posting a Weekly Study, courtesy of Yochanan Afek, Grandmaster for composing endgame studies. These challenging positions are designed to stimulate (and improve upon!) your creativity, depth of calculation, pattern recognition and pure imagination.

V. Yakimchik, 1957




And the 24th is up!


The white knights working in tandem are agile, and the black king is completely occupied in avoiding the decisive fork. Meanwhile the white king adroitly steps to the correct box when checked, allowing his knights to continue the dance...


An attractive, varied work from Mr. Yakimchik that combines the threat of an immediate fork against ...h1(Q), a threat to dominate the king to force a fork against the same promoted queen, a check for knight position and, most cleverly, dominating the queen and forcing her to the only remaining safe square, thus creating a perpetual on the Black king.  Very nice!