's Weekly Study: January 24th 2016


Starting with 2016, we will be posting a Weekly Study, courtesy of Yochanan Afek, Grandmaster for composing endgame studies. These challenging positions are designed to stimulate (and improve upon!) your creativity, depth of calculation, pattern recognition and pure imagination.

I. Bilek, 1971





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The common endgame study theme is for White to begin by blocking the opponent's rook from h8.  When the Black rook attempts to get behind the White king for a skewer by moving to White's first rank, the White rook checks the opponent's king and moves his own king one square closer to the first rank.  If Black attempts a skewer on White's king, it can now be blocked by the rook.

This process of Black shuttling his rook from his first rank to White's first rank is repeated and so are White's blocks, successive checks on the opponent's king and shuttling his king along the file one square closer to his own first rank.

Once all pieces reach White''s first rank, which is virtually inevitable, there are mutual absolute pins of rooks against respective kings forcing an exchange.  White's pawn queens on h8 and wins.