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Hey so I'm very new at chess, any tips y'all got?

stargazerlillie wrote:

Hey so I'm very new at chess, any tips y'all got?

i reviewed some of your games and i mostly recommend for you to protect your pieces: for a example if a knight is attacking your bishop you have 2 options, 1: is to move your piece away from danger, or 2: use a piece to protect the attaching piece, but don't do this with all the pieces, if a rook or queen is in danger move it to a safer square do not protect it, your opponent can still take your piece and have a high chance to win the game,

learn the basics of chess like, the value of the pieces, forks, skewers, openings, or more

doing those can help you improve more, my messages are opened if you need any help or any questions


sorry for getting back to you so late! (I forget to check notifs) but thanks a lot for the tips! I've been trying to do more research about chess so yeah.

Practice practice practice lol