High rating in puzzle but low in game

Riel79 wrote:
I've rated 1600 in puzzles, but I'm stuck in a ratings 700 blitz what should i do, any advice

I'm not an expert, but maybe you should go deeper into theory. Choose some specific openings, go as deep as you can in their variations, and once you feel comfortable enough as for any type of response - do tactics drills to improve your fluid in the game.

Maybe this will help. 😅


How much time do you spend solving a tactics puzzle?
How much time do you think about a move in a game?
It should be more, as in a game nobody tells you if there is a tactic or for which side.
Stop blitz and play 15|10 rapid. That corresponds to 40 seconds per move.

I’m in the same boat. Though, I’m also a total beginner. Like started over the weekend, beginner. So I suck at everything. But I do appreciate the feedback from others!

the main difference is: in a puzzle you know there is a tactic. in the game you dont


Don't worry be happy