how do i stop making blunders?


sometimes i just zone out after focusing a lot and hang pieces in one move or miscalculate and think the position is okay, how do i prevent this?


Act like its a part of the Magellan


*masterplan, sry for the autocorrect


Hi! I described a method in my last post, check it out:

Good luck!


4 Simple Steps To BLUNDER LESS...


Learn from your mistakes...


If you find yourself zoning out or making hasty moves, slow down. Take a deep breath and carefully consider your options.


Depends on a lot of factors. For me I play the best when im having a good time and I am listening to music, if you cant stop losing or blundering. Simply take a break!


For me, checking if any piece is hanging or will get hanging by a certain move before making the move helped.


What those videos don't mention is this. Even if they do perform these "checks," beginners often miss the correct continuations. The first video just says, "Oh yeah, if they think about it, they will totally see it..." However, more often than naught, these beginners are missing these ideas even after blunder checking. Why that is happens for a variety of reasons. 1.) Lack of practical chess experience, 2.) Little to no time doing tactics consistently, 3.) Misconceptions about the current position which creates tunnel vision. 4.) Focusing on your own ideas and not paying attention to what your opponent is doing. 5.) Not spending enough time thinking about the move in question.

I hope this list helps clarify some things. I think often people give beginners too much credit. In reality, often times they don't see the moves, even after being told to look for something in the position. I think these videos or the authors thereof should collaborate to create puzzles with these ideas in mind. Another idea would be to include whole games with beginners playing and dropping pieces, where the author stops and explains, this is a blunder, now stop the video and find the right move, sort of thing. This is done a lot though, by John Bartholomew, among others. My objection is simply this, more work needs to be done in this area to help beginners out.

If ya find out let me know.. I’m a GM of blundering…
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Your comment isn't

when you grow up you'll understand


Slow down. Consider your opponents likely response carefully. Double check that your move is not an error.

If you do this for every move, you will soon be under time pressure...................and much more likely to blunder. Thats why this game is so difficult.


Simple, just double check and look out for checks, captures and threats and learn how to counter


Here is an example in a 15+10 time control. I play the black pieces


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