I really suck at this game.

blueemu wrote:
Galaxy_Chess_God wrote:

been playing for almost 8 years look at my rating

I stopped playing for 25 years, and look at mine.

Terrible rating bro get better wink.png

curlytina wrote:

I suck too. I just keep playing, trying to improve and having fun lol. you will get better

Playing chess is only fun for a few nerds who like to watch.  Even for the players, it’s only fun if you’re winning.  I used to carry a chess board around, and break it out at parties when someone said they were good, and wanted to play. Major party foul!

Need help too


Hi I need help too
I really suck 😉

If engine chess has taught us anything, it's that we ALL suck at chess. Truth hurts.

papadragon1 wrote:
I really suck 😉


ArabzaM98 we can teach each other
AranzaM98 wrote:
Please, anybody... Any chance you can teach me some tricks?

You don't suck at chess, you're learning. 

You may know many things, but all you have to do is connect what you know. For example, using those tactical motifs you learned in a game. Start with the basics. Understand what to do in the opening, middlegame and endgame. Remember that you cannot just dive into positional play. Chess doesn't work that way.

Sit down in a quiet and minimalist space. Take your time and be optimistic while looking at games of masters.

The internet is huge and could be helpful, but I suggest having a real life coach who could point out your mistakes.

Email me if you want more suggestions too.

Good luck on your chess career!


papadragon1 wrote:

ArabzaM98 we can teach each other



Me too, last time I've played was when I was 12 yrs old 😭