The Way of the Goldfish: A simple method for beginners to improve rapidly!

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Thanks. Can this method be applied to shorter games such as rapid 10 mins or 15/10?

Definitely 15+10, and probably 10-minute as well, assuming you can do it fairly quickly. Bottom line is this: you should be doing this consciously until such a time as you can do it more automatically. And the simple fact is you need time in which to do that.

Thanks Ben for the reply. For the time being I'll use it in the 60 minute games until I get used to it. So far it's been working well.

An excellent video. I love the thinking out loud approach of Ben. Learned a lot

Ben, I have been binging on your content and I am so thankful, grateful and appreciative. I really dig the presentation, it gives me a better way to think. This kind of video has been what I have been looking for the past two months. I was getting better at seeing the board, but I didn't have a technique. I enjoy openings, but the way to improve, I think, is to get better at the whole game. I'm rambling. Sorry. Best wishes, and I'm a subscriber now.


Well done sir, quite helpful


Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.


Really like your channel. This was your best advice yet.

Grundlebug wrote:

Really like your channel. This was your best advice yet.

Thank you!


As a beginner I've been following your channel and have applied this method. I've found 30 minute games (30 mins each player) to be the best to learn and grow with. They are long enough to be able to think moves through and take the board in. 

Please keep the good work going. 


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Ben, I passed along your video to a friend. I told him I think your passion is for teaching chess. My skills have vastly increased due to your videos. Thank you again.


I think of myself as a Goldfish now. Part of your school.

WayneL140 wrote:

I think of myself as a Goldfish now. Part of your school.

I appreciate the pun! tongue.png

Thanks this helps a lot!
Really useful video, and hopefully it’ll push me to take more time.

More than once now I’ve made a move and then berated myself for it when I saw my mistake.

I'm 100% gonna watch this video right now!