This opponent hates my style. Is my style disgusting?

He played 2 games against me and said it lame and politely said he does not like my style. 
I would like to ask what wrong with it and if there is anything wrong, I am willing to change for the better

Forget “style”, you need to keep your pieces safe! You gave pieces away for free and made unforced bad trades. When white played pawn h3 attacking your Bishop on g4, why did you ignore that?

No idea what he meant. Dont worry about it. Suggest John Bartholomew's You Tube series on chess Fundamentals. The first video is on undefended pieces.


You're a 900 player.  The  only style you have is blundering.


Don't sweat it this is supposed to be something you enjoy doing. You're doing better than more than half of us. 


You have no style, that guy is just weird


i dont get it, what was the style he was complaining about?


A style he lost against.


Maybe he was expecting a better fight from you


If I wanted to go for “style”, if would do some synchronised swimming instead of playing chess.happy.png

Oof I’d hate for them to see my style. Keep practicing!

Your style is special to you.


Hating on people for their "style" is so trivial. In chess no one will care if someone says "yeah I lost but my opponent played lame." Also I don't even really see how the way you played would be upsetting, just seemed like typical development to me. Anyways don't fret if someone hates on the way you play just enjoy the game and try your best.


They used to say of SlyBennie

Very little style, if any happy.png


The OPs first game.  So what style is this if it is not blundering?


AussieRookie wrote:

They used to say of SlyBennie

Very little style, if any

I'm absolutely dripping in style buddy that's why they call me Sly wink.png

You made several fundamental mistakes in this game but that doesn’t mean your “style” is necessarily bad you simply need to practice what you feel comfortable playing