Total noob question about time controls

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I played an hour game only once....cuz my opponent got in trouble in just 8-9 moves and then i waited for more than 45 minutes to claim the Victory


This can happen in RL games, too. You travel 40-50 km and you opponent does not appear. Then you have to wait for an hour. If your team travels by carpool even longer. If you play online it is annoying, but not that bad.


Article 6.6 from the current FIDE Rules of Chess:


Any player who arrives at the chessboard after the start of the session shall lose the
game. Thus the default time is 0 minutes. The rules of a competition may specify


Having to wait for an hour is an old rule, not applicable any more.

At least in the US the rules of the various FIDE-rated competitions almost always specify longer (usually an hour though 30 minutes is sometimes used).


I would like to play a classical game once

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"I would expect my games to have a clear advantage by move 15-20"
++ Yes, most chess games are essentially decided by move 30.
That is why you should play 90|30 at a pace of 3.5 minutes per move and finish on increment at 0.5 minutes/move.
It is better to have a won position with 30 seconds left on your clock
than a lost position with an hour left on your clock.

"Maybe I can use the time to double and triple check all candidate moves"
++ Yes, double and triple check and think carefully. Play as if you were playing for your life.

"I am wondering if it is considered bad etiquette to use a lot of time on simple moves"
++ No, not at all. You can spend your time as you see fit.

"like if I take several minutes on a move that seems obvious."
++ Always check and double check, now matter how obvious at first sight.
Especially never automatically recapture: often there is a better and unexpected move.

"Would my opponent likely think I'm being a jerk/bad sport."
++ What do you care what your opponent thinks? Chess is a game and the aim is to win.
You win by thinking deeper than your opponent.
When both players are of equal strength the one who spends more time can think deeper.

"I don't want to come across as disrespectful to the game or my opponent."
++ Disrespectful to the game is to rush it and not taking your time.

Very helpful info - Thanks...exactly what I was looking for