what chess books can you recomend me to learn tactics, and everything

yeah, i want to improve more my game so i think i need to study more about it, bcz i think i'm starting to stuck and that make me little dissapointed about my capacity to play jaja/pasa que quiero poder mejorar más mi juego entonces pienso que necesito estudiar más acerca de este, esto ya que siento que estoy empezando a estancarme y esto me empieza a básicamente entristecer con mi capacidad de jugar jaja

lots of tactics books suggestions here..

Good Chess Books for Beginners and Beyond...

If you are already familiar with basic, elementary tactics (pins, forks, double attacks, etc.) then you might consider the books (mentioned in the article) Winning Chess Tactics by Yassar Seirwan and/or Back to Basic Tactics by Dan Heisman. Both books are excellent (I highly recommend them) and targeted to the post-beginner.

If you can't decide which book to get first, I would suggest to study Heisman's first. Then follow up with Seirawan, which in my opinion is slightly more difficult to study.


How to win at chess by Levy Rozman



"what chess books can you recomend me to learn tactics"
++ Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess - Fischer
Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games - László Polgár

My rating jumped when I started reading and learning Silman’s complete endgame course. It’s a very clear and encouraging endgame book.

It might seem a bit weird to start your learning with endgames but if you think about it it makes sense. Winning endgames is the goal of the game and knowing that you can win certain endgames does give me directions in the middle game. And it gives me confidence.