Why is this not a checkmate? I thought I had the king surrounded


5 yada 10 dk konusabilirim ya da yemekten sonra



That’s a stalemate because it’s black’s move but the king isn’t in check or has any safe squares to move to. If you had checked the king before attacking all the surrounding squares, then it would’ve been checkmate. Be careful when you’re attacking the king to mate that you actually have the king in check or leave him a an un-attacked square where you can see a clear path to mate on the next move. ✌️

ahh yeh, happens to the best of us dw, for a checkmate the king has to be under attack, here he is not under attack but cant move cus anywhere he goes he will be under attack, so your opponent cant make a move and a stalemate is called which is a draw


His king is not in check. But he got no available legal moves. Hence a stalemate.