Won first game


This is my first win! Any advice for a guy just starting out? I played chess a couple of times when I was 8, but never played again until today (11 years later). Other than knowing how to move the pieces, I know nothing else about the game. I haven't memorized any moves yet either.




You can PM (personl message) me for tips. It's hard to reveal my secrets here 😏

If you haven’t already. Check out GothamChess on YouTube. A lot of great teaching videos.

Well done on your win. Here are some tips for you:


Welcome to the site. Have a great time here.



I think generally three things are to look at tactics, get some endgame practice, and analyse your games. Don't blitz through tactics, take some time to study each one and carefully make a note of everything you see before you decide on a move. Endgames aren't just useful in the endgame, they allow you to get a better understanding of the power of pieces in simplified positions.

Finally, analyse your games and make a note of what was good, what was not so good, and what things you need to work on. Try not to use an engine to begin with, and be aware that you probably won't see much at first. Over time, you'll become more aware of things to look out for, and that will also filter into your actual games. Some people also recommend going through games from both your side and your opponent's, to try and build up a better understanding of what your opponent is thinking/planning.

More importantly: have fun!


Hi!  My name is Lauren Goodkind and I'm a chess based in California.  I have some tips to help you get better in chess. 

1) Ask questions before each move, such as, "If I move here, is it safe?" and "Can I safely capture a piece?"

2) Consider all checks and captures.  

3) Learn basic tactics, such as forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks, and more. 

4) I offer a free beginner's  eBook on how to get better on my website: www.ChessByLauren.com.  

4) And yes, have fun while playing!!!!



ok, congats, but study your losses.  The wins sometimes, sure, but you learn from mistakes, not crushing someone who throws their pieces away (your win the guy throws out a bishop, then throws out his queen, you would have to try to lose from there).   Its good that you saw and captured the free pieces, but that is about all you can say about the game. 


Let him enjoy his first win. After all, who can say their first win was against a good player?

Am new here, too! Haven’t yet played a game against anyone but the bots! LOL

Congrats!  That's an awesome feeling!  Just finally happened for me last week!  Also is anyone interested in chatting while playing?  Kinda discussing the game as we play?  There some sort of intensity introduced by that ticking ten minute clock LOL that doesn't feel very congenial!  Invite me to a game, @steveytiberius or anyone else, if you'd like to try to play a game this way happy.png



Great job dude! I hope it will be the first of many more wins to come. I agree with Shady, gothamchess has been a great help, especially his rating climb videos if you want to learn some openings (the E4 and D4 climbs for white are excellent, as well as the King's Indian for black). As for advice, from one beginner to another, I'd say stick to longer time controls for now - 15I10 or 10 minutes. Also, make sure you prioritise rapid development of your pieces to the best possible positions for them at the beginning of the game. If you develop your forces well, then winning combinations will appear out of nowhere. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor. 


Sounds good everyone! Thanks for all the advice and if anyone is online, then feel free to send an invite to play! Good luck!