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1000 Signs you play chess too LITTLE!

  • #81

    116. You try to convince your opponent that you can skip your turn.

  • #82
    jtt96 wrote:

    116. You try to convince your opponent that you can skip your turn.

    A friend actually tried to do this to me, once.

  • #83

    117. It's been a few weeks since your wife said  "You play too much chess" ;-)

  • #84

    118. You take a draw when you are winning by allot.

  • #85

    119. The 2nd game u won was by after the moves (as White) e4 e5 Qh5, u convinced your opponent to touch their king, and play Ke7 Qxe5#

  • #86

    120. You offer draws when there is a checkmate waiting to happen

  • #87

    121. You resign after you won

    122. Your opponent forfeits after learning he is playing against you

  • #88

    123. You lose every game you play because of blundering your pieces away.

  • #89

    124.You think you can beat a GM:you want to play against Zugzwang or even Fide.
    125.You always want to play with Black to copy your opponent's moves.

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  • #91

    127. You end up in the hospital because you took the term, "Eat his piece!" literally.

  • #92

    129. You don't play anymore because you got mad after you blundered all your pieces.

    130. You blunder your pieces because you son't want to play

  • #93

    131. You think black should go 1st

  • #94

     132. You ask "where does this piece move again"?

  • #95

    133. You think that the Caro-Kann(B10)is a reference to the Da Vinci code.

  • #96

    134.You aplly the chekers rules on a chess game

  • #97

    135. Thinking there is a way out of checkmate.

  • #98

    136. You play magnetic chess in a box after taking the phrase "loose pieces drop off" too literally.

  • #99

    137. You don't think of Napoleon as primarily a chess player.

  • #100

    139. You think the queen only move on white cases in nowadays normal chess (ie, not in a variant.)


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