Checkmate in 1/2 move

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    White to move and checkmate in 1/2 a move. When you give up, move the rook on g2 to h2 and the answer will be displayed.

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    haha, very funny!
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    nice one (:
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    If white was in the midst of castling, then the answer should be Rhf1
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    I suspect that the correct answer, "Rhf1" would be impossible for the viewer to show. That being so, I also supect that the reason TraglorfBob said to "move the rook from g2 to h2" was merely to provide a move (any move would do)  that would expose the hint below the puzzle.

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    I wasn't too sure if the hint would come up by just clicking solution, so I added a random move just to show it.
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    I was curious about the 1/2 move, but I still didn't get it without looking at the solution.  I didn't believe anybody would hit that low below the belt.  When I got it I had to smile though.
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    um... Kh2 is wat i saw
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    Kh2 is 1 move, not half a move 
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    Think outside the box I suppose.  The only 1/2 move available on the chess board.


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    I can see how if the king was in the middle of castling, there would have been 1/2 a move made when the king moved from e1 to g1.  The second 1/2 of that move would be Rhf1, completing the castling move.  

    I guess the viewer must have at least one move for the designer to enter a message.  The actual Rgh2 move has nothing to do with the solution, rather, it's a method of allowing the view to provide a message to the reader.

     Creative, yet the viewer confuses things.  I spent a bit of time trying to understand how Rgh2 was 1/2 a move and how Rgh2 could be considered checkmate. 

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    Sorry about that, but you are completely correct. I didn't know how to get it to give the message without making a move. Thanks for explaining it.
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    I have another solution! It's a King's move. Lifting the King off the board is a 1/2  move. it's a discovered check by the Rook in h1. Checkmating in 1/2 move!

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    Yes, but that might be considered resigning for poor sportsmanship in a tournament game Laughing.
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    Very Nice!!!!!!!!!
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    That was very creative.
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    I didn't make this up by the way. Someone showed me it.
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    That was very creative.
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    eh?....nah, I still don't get it.... I must be a bit slow Embarassed

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