Chess age


Most people start chess when they are kids like Bobby fischer, Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov. But some chess players like some of my friends started at like 20 and 40! I was a early starter myself. Do u think it is likely to start playing chess younger or older? When did u start playing?




I started playing when i was 5 but i have started trying to be a grandmaster for a little while now

I started when I was 13.

i feel like i am restarting every day :(

Bill Wall wrote an article about the ages of the best players when they started playing chess.


I myself started early at around 6 or 7 years. I've only actually been doing something to improve (studying openings etc.) for the past few years, and only then started improving alot and went from 1850 to 2200 over the board. I'm still going up and I hope to get at least 2300 (FM) in a few years.

I started Chess when I was 3

I started chess when I was 5, but only till now I start taking it a little more seriously.


I don't think that age really matters for learning chess or other new things. I actually noticed that in my thirties my memory is much more better than it was in my twenties. Just saying.


I learned at age 6, didn't get serious till 13.