Ed's Chess Art

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    Just a few photos I took of my chess sets, and then manipulated a bit via Photoshop. 


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    Nice work !

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    Oh nice, Ed.  I'm not a collector, but I have a lot of chess sets.  And I think they are very difficult to photograph in interesting ways.  Good work !!

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    Thank you.  I appreaciate that.

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    cool. i enjoyed viewing   thanks

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    Thank you.  You gave me ideas of my own.  I really enjoyed the pictures.

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    Well done, Ienjoyed that.

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    Mind if I download some of those pics to use as computer wallpaper?

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    Not at all.  Go for it.

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    It's been more than a year since I posted this, so I figure it's worth a bump.

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    enjoyed again thanks

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    Yes I still have some of those pics on my computer rotating with the other wallpapers.

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