Fun with Non-standard pieces

Awwww I was reading the author of this forum and he had a similar piece with the same name! ;(
Lol I’m #103 #104 #105 and rn #106 Lol
Nuker: Does not move, but sacrifices itself to capture 3 pawns or one bishop/knight, you can sacrifice 2 nukers to capture a rook or a bishop and knight. 6 points Don’t you mean you can sacrifice 2 nukers to capture a rook 2 bishops or 2 knights?
Sorry misspelt a rook or 2 bishops
saculnomekop wrote:
Iron queen should be 25 points


That is a high number! I don't know how to calculate points for a piece but that is much higher than the other guy's calculation for the Iron Queen. In the games I have played using this piece it was powerful and dangerous for sure. But without support it was rather useless. Since it could only capture a king it could be easily blocked without danger to the piece blocking it. 


Cannonknight:moves like a knight but capture the piece that the knight crosses 


On Wikipedia, the Hawk is listed to jump ahead 2 or 3 squares, and that the Elephant moves as the old bishop from shatranj: jumping ahead 2 squares diagonally.

And that the bishop+knight is an Arxhbishop, and a rook+knight is a Chancellor.

But that's just what Wikipedia says. 


I believe if chess was played in 9×9 board with a piece with knight+bishop would be so funny! I suggest name "Duke", abbreviation "D". The horizontal "1" e "9" will be displayed from "a" to "i" this way: RNBQKDBNR.


TheFrogQueen:  The title comes from "The Frog Prince".  The Frog part is that she can hop.  She moves like a Queen, but can also jump.  However, she can only jump pieces of her own color.


So , for example, on move 1, you can play 1.Qxd7+ (not recommended), but you cannot play 1.Qxd8+ because the White Queen would have to jump a Black Pawn to do that and that's not allowed.  The White Queen can jump any White piece, the Black Queen can jump any Black piece.  She can jump multiple pieces.  So if there is a WQ on d1, WP on d2, WN on d3, WR on d4, BR on d5, WP on d6, BP on d7, BQ on d8, White can play Qxd5, but not Qxd7 or Qxd8.


Value - About 12


Sniper the Pawn

Having trouble with enemy defenses? Just snipe a certain enemy. The enemy can only be 5 spaces away though. Worth 7 Pts


Tank Pawn

Normal Pawn, except once killed, respawns as a normal pawn on any unoccupied square. Worth 2 pts.


Sniper: moves like a king, captures like a rook, can't be seen on first three ranks (sniper's safe zone) until there's an oponent two (or less) squares from it or an oponent piece which entered its safe zone can capture it. Can be captured by an accident. Is also captured if a non-jumping piece tries to jump over it. Worth 6 points (probably; I'm not sure how to count those values)

Edit: Can also be seen while checking and has to be declared as checking on its owner's turn to be checking. Has to be declared as not checking on its owner's turn to stop checking.



Moves like a king, but can fire shockwaves in any direction, which can capture all pieces. If it can hit the opponent's king, the opponent is in check.


STMR (Space-Time Manipulation Robot)

A robot that can warp enemy pieces to any square on the board. Moves like a queen. Worth 30 pts!


DDR (Dimensional Distortion Robot)

A robot that can distort the board by adding/removing squares. Cannot remove squares with pieces on it. Worth 40 pts!


Pawn MK II

Someone replaced Pawn's skin with metal. Invulnerable, but still acts like a pawn. Worth 5 pts. 


Time rewinder: moves like a king, no special capture move, instead of capturing enemy pieces, morphs them into lost-in-time pieces, can't check, morph kings or be turned into lost-in-time time rewinder, can be captured by time rewinder.


Lost-in-time piece: can't be controled by player, can't be captured, can capture both teams' pieces, repeats its moves in a reversed order (every lost-in-time piece moves once at the beginning of its color turn) until it has no more moves to repeat, then it morphs back to its normal state.


Edit: Every lost-in-time piece's move restores turn and game time that got spent and steals all the time that was given for making the move that piece actually reverses. Time rewinder would probably have value of 10 but I'm not sure.


Explosion: Takes every piece next to it. Moves like a king. Worth 4 points.


Dank Memer

Moves like a queen, but if the opponent captures it, the opponent has to make a meme and add him to his or her discord channel.

Worth 123,456,789,123,456,789,123,456,789,123,456,789,123,456,789,123,456,789 points.