Please Post a Poem You Wrote That Has To Do With Chess Cuz So Many People Will Love Or Hate It!


okay? as for me, ive posted several already, and i feel like writing another one, and shall on wordpad after this, but like, instead of already writing another one, it feels like wiser or more true or something to ask you all to, in case any of you do, and despite the argument that says it's a waste of time or worse, for all i can tell anyway, it just might not be.


chess poems aren't numerous enough yet; change that at least somewhat, aight!?


I was walking down a checkered path

Spear at the ready, in case of wrath.

When up ahead, and to my side

I saw one looking just like me,

Only different colored-ly.


Forth he leapt, and double-fast

Thinking that danger, with me, he'd passed.

But I just went where he'd o'er-skipped

So back-to-back we then stood

And turning 'round, I killed him good.


(Tried explaining "en passant" in rhyme. If you can make the idea more comprehensible without losing the doggerel level of the poetry, please try.)


awesome! creative! well done yo! thanks for playin along!


I wrote a poem about an actual chess game I played but not sure if I can remember it now.


There was a chess player from India

Who played like a cricket bowler - leg-spin, in-swingers, googlies and yorkers

Except his tools of trade were pawns, bishops, rooks and horses.

He did all sorts of weird set ups, traps, swindles and checkmates to great satisfaction 

But I had the last laugh when upon me being imminently checkmated

His internet died, completely and utterly, disconnected. 



There was a chess player from Australia

He studied, struggled, sweated, thrashed and toiled

But falling from the dizzy heights of 800 down to 600 his blood boiled.

Slowly he clawed his way back up to 800, then 825, then 848

When all of a sudden he liked the look of "8, 4, 8": 8 divided by 2 x 2.

So he promptly switched his online settings from 'Rated' to 'Unrated'

And now nothing stands in his way from the fun of checkmating, and being checkmated.


Thanks Lady-Knight for suggesting this. Swampy-Gum, I like your two limericks -- I take it you're the subject of the latter.


Haha you've sprung me, yes, it's autobiographical


"Limericks", that's a very fancy way to describe my two little ditties. Thank you!


Thanks also to you for your attempt at an en passant definition - it is actually easier to understand than the real thing! Good job , sir!


hi yall, thanks for commenting. AWESOME POEMS! clever and witty and chessy and funny and even deep and so on. keep em comin! i may be about to eat pizza but that doesn't mean there's not room for MORE poems about chess! we may not be the best at chess, only one person at a time is, but we're who we are obsessed with it anyway, for worse or better, ongoing, am i freagin' right!? so onward with chess, AND chess poetry...and other things...obviously...searching youtube for 'xylok chess poem' yields several examples of my own, for those who wish to check em out. poems can rhyme or not, right? thing is...isn't everything poetry, etc.? either way, poems or no, a knight can fork a whole lot of pieces simultaneously, which doesn't necessarily always lead to victory, but let's face it, often does...and bishops and knights aren't always worth the same; rather they're worth more or not based on their positions in each given game, ongoing, right? that being said, if you haven't watched fraggle rock; you've missed out. rectify that. stat.


you either see the right or one of the many tied for best move right moves at the time, each move, or you don't, right? if you do, you barely exist. if you don't, duh, play anyway!


Thanks Mrs Knight, and yep seen Fraggle Rock. checked out your poetry, pretty laid back


Obviously real poetry, and a good inspiration for the rest of us. Next time I have an chess poetry idea, I'll put it into verse, write it up here, and see what happens.


to some it's boring, to some their socks are totally rocked, and as for me, i think they're rad, the poems, that is, whether good or bad, overall, who is to say? we each get our voice, however, okay? if you hate it or love it, that's fair, cuz it's you. we're all on Earth in the cosmos stew! wink.png thanks for adding so many poems for me to chill to in my home or frankly wherever i floopin' roam from timbuktu to rome, cuz like, i love them, and should more arrive, the more i'll feel alive, shall thrive, and should no more show up, I win, either way, cuz some have come in, and let's keep in mind that chess is true not only on the streets, but in the joint too! who invented it!? Time won't tell! Checkmate applies in Heaven or Hell. You think you know the best of all moves to make each time as you dare to groove your way through the sixty four squares that spawn between you and fisher and carlsen, and if you wore diapers before you next sleep, you'd be twice as cool as you are currently, and if you aren't the best there'll be, right now, or futuristically, or speaking historically, you'll play chess anyway ongoing because, that's what a chess player does! SEX! I added that word cuz you loved that I did. Watch that pawn; it's slippin' by you, kid! Are you about to lose your queen's hub? so what, if you do, you'll checkmate the scrub, that is assuming you don't, soon or late, miss, with pimposity, MEGA-CHECKMATE! Hos! I wrote that to make you smile! Hos lives matter too, all the while!  Is that Kasparov behind your toilet laughing at your FACE because you thought he gave you a bishop somehow misplaced? whoops, on your part, and yet if you play each move from there correctly you will mate his guts like Sonny mated Cher!


MORE CHESS  POEMS 4 Posterity PLEASE! ps on imgflipdotcom and youtubedotcom the 'real me' is findable by searching the word 'xylok'. why do i mention it? the Conversion? what is THAT? the universe turning itself into PARADISE...somehow wink.png ♥


ps, is there a best move always, either one or many tied for best, and if both players play 'best or tied for best move/s', will one or the other player win or lose or tie or what, time or no?