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possible or impossible?

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    Yes, you're also right

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    Here is mine: can this pawn formation occur when castling queenside. And have it ever happened in one serious game before?

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    No, how would you get the bishop out?

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    Scottrf wrote:

    No, how would you get the bishop out?

    enemy knight of course.

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    knights on either e2, b3, e7, b6 for black. But seriously i highly doubt such position have arived during tournament playing. Online blitz and bullet it's a complete different story...

    Still while i think about it, it can't have been many cases of enemy knights been allowed to infiltrate the camp and just take the bishop and retreat the same way out. Also the King can not have been touched earlier.

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    isn't it possible to setup that pawn formation in chessbase's "find similar positions", with the king and rook at its original squares with queenside castling enabled.  Owlmoon i can't remove the black king so i mirrored the formation for black as well - to be honest one side is satisfying enough.


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